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Pratibha Ray

The tribal culture of Odisha is very rich and women have key role to play  in their traditions.  However, Padma Shri Pratibha Ray, an eminent writer, said it was wrong to weigh them on the scale of modernity without knowing about their geographical, traditional practices.

Joining the Kandhamal Literary Festival online on Sunday as the keynote speaker, Ms. Ray spoke about tribal culture and the origins of Kandhamal.

Ms. Ray, who has spent time researching and experiencing tribal villages during her teaching career, said that the tribal culture and traditions are based on the geographical location and social environment there.

She further added that it was wrong for the modern civil society to measure tribal people, who do not believe in any caste system, according to the customs of modern society.  Once upon a time, today’s civilized people lived like tribals and we should not judge them, she added.

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